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Campaign Calander – Events in order.

House Rules

You can download the current House Rules here.


Tamzana Alteresine Human (f) Swashbuckler / Wizard
Valdis Aldranna Human (f) Warmage
Trantil Draven Human (m) Fighter
Content Not Found: Dalrin Human (m) Cleric
Shallasar Otellemi Aquatic Elf (m) Fighter, Rogue
“Two Feathers” Longstrider Shifter (f) Ranger / Scout
Jhan Nagaarian Truedive Shifter (m) deceased


  • Sasserine – The early campaign starts in this coastal city.
  • Farshore – The Vanderboren colony on the Isles of Dread
  • Isle of Dread – A remote group of equatorial islands.
  • Temute – The small island off the mainland that is home to Farshore.

Vanderboren Fleet

The Lost Ships of the Alteresine merchant fleet

  • Trantil’s Turn – A wreck discovered in the Pearl Current.
  • The Rage – A wreck discovered at Journey’s End.
  • The Angry Goat – Lefty claims it ran aground on Scorpion Island.

Key Events & Rumours

  • The Savage Tide – A magical pearl releases pure chaos.
  • Journey to Farshore – Although things didn’t go to plan.
  • Content Not Found: 3174 – Tamzana and Trantil discover they have more in common than they first believed.
  • Rumours and Misc – hints at the dangers ahead, and general stuff.

Rules and Resources

The Savage Tide Player’s Guide

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