Woodman Family

The Woodman Family, have a long tradition of being carpenters. Halfast is the younger son of Travis Woodman, who runs a successful business crafting furniture in Sasserine. He is intending to travel to Farshore to set up a new business exploiting some of the exotic hard woods to be found in the region.

He is travelling with his wife Melantha, son Anson who is twelve years old and being trained as an apprentice. His wife is caring for their baby girl Meria who only recently learned to walk. Halfast wanted his wife to remain in Sasserine until Meria grew a little older, but she insisted on coming with him.

While Meria has had a few fevers on the trip, relieved by blessings from Dalrin, she has so far proved remarkably calm throughout the voyage.

The Woodman’s all managed to survive the wreck of the Sea Wyvern thanks mainly to the magical abilities of Tamzana.

Halfast was murdered by Olangru, a Bar-lgura demon. Mimicking the actions of Trantil towards the gargoyle king, Olangru ripped off his head defecated on it and mounted on a spike. In her grief Melantha blames Trantil for the death and desecration of her husband1.

Anson has taken to training with a sword with Lirith Veldirose.

1 Only Dalrin knows the truth however. That he was offered the choice of saving Halfast or Tristy Sommers when they were both kidnapped by Olangru, Dalrin chose Tristy without a moment of thought, condemning her husband to a brutal death.

Woodman Family

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