Trantil was born in Sasserine to Marisha and Denan Draven. Denan was a mercenary who was based in Sasserine and Marisha worked on a boat of a Noble merchant family, named Alteresine. Denan met Marisha when working for the Voldrick Alteresine III as a bodyguard and it was love at first sight. It wasn’t to long before they were married and Trantil was born. Denan and Marisha managed to save up some money, managed to buy a small caravel, and started a modest trading company of their own. The boat was renamed Trantil’s Turn. Trantil was brought up on the boat and helped out were he could. He became an adept sea hand.

After a shaky start, Denan and Marisha were doing very well for themselves and the young Trantil. Until one day they were doing a routine trading job for a merchant they found a ship dead in the water with no one on board. The ship called Horizon’s End and rumoured to have been lost a few years past. Denan took a skeleton crew on board and was going to claim it as salvage. There was a few trinkets and stuff on board and Denan gave Trantil what they believed to be the Captain’s knife. A very finely crafted knife inlaid with all kinds of gems, although already badly pitted due to the salty air.

The ship needed some repairs before it would be sea worthy to they lashed Trantil’s Turn and the Horizon’s End together and work on it into the night. As night fell strange things started to happen, crewmembers reported hearing noises, others claimed they saw shadows of figures but when they investigated, no one was there.

Suddenly one of the crew turned on another hacking him down with his cutlass. The was quickly pinned to the ground, but he was raving claiming the man he had struck looked like a zombie, and not his crewmate. The madness then seemed to quickly spread among the crew and they turned on one another. Trantil who was on board the Horizon’s End was scared out of his wits, his father quickly took him and the few men that still retained their sanity back to the Trantil’s Turn. As he passed his son over to the 1st mate on the Turn the insanity gripped Denan. He almost struck at Trantil but managed to hold onto his senses enough to guide his blow down cutting the ropes that lashed the two ships together.

The last image Trantil had of his father was him standing on the deck of the Horizon’s End fighting back the insane horde as they tried to board the Turn, his Greatsword cleaving to the left and the right, while he ignored the countless wounds inflicted upon him.

His dying words shouted to Trantil were “Burn this ship lad, it’s for the best. It must not get to port. I’ll love you and your mother forever tell her that for me.”

As they prepared to fire at the Horizon’s End, a horrific looking figure dressed as pirate captain, stepped onto the deck and marched up to his father. The figure laughed, as it parried every blow his Denan swung at him. It sounded like something not of this world. The pirate shouted at Denan, “You’ll succumb to the curse of the Horizon’s End, just like your ship mates. The mistresses own your souls now.” Trantil heard the cackling of old woman but couldn’t tell where from. The pirate captain placed his hand on Denan’s chest. Trantil’s father lay down his sword and his eyes became black like opals.

Trantil lashed an oily rag to a ballista bolt, lit it and fired it into the deck of the Horizon’s End. The fire quickly took hold, as the crazy crewmates did nothing to stop it spreading. The pirate captain made his way to the helm, walking through the blaze as it wasn’t even there. “A curse on you and your family boy!” shouted the captain “What’s left of them any way.” He laughed again, spinning the wheel of the blazing ship. The ship started to sink, but not in a natural way, it just seemed to sail down into the ocean depths as water washed over the deck it hiss and steamed on the embers of the burning wood, quenching the inferno.

Trantil’s Turn limped home to Sasserine with it’s remaining crew. Trantil broke the news of Denan death to his mother and she broke down in tears. He swore to himself that one day when he was strong enough he would seek out the pirate captain and his mistresses and release his father’s soul. He was still but a boy and knew that day was far off but he was determined.

The trading company now run solely by Marisha took a turn for the worse. A ship was attacked by pirates, bad weather destroyed cargo of another until eventually they even had to sell the Tantil’s Turn just to make rent. This affected Marisha badly as this was the only memory she had left of Denan, she was already sick with fever on the lungs, and Trantil had been doing any work he could to find money for medicines. Weeks later she died.

Trantil ended up on the streets. He learned to survive, he had to. He used to hang around by the arena and learned how to get money off people. He got to know the people who worked in the arena and one of the trainers took pity on him. The trainer Dankar learned that Trantil had some experience in using the sword and started showing him more. Trantil preferred using the weapon his father used. It took some time to learn how to wield the great sword but Trantil was determined. Dankar showed him exercises that could make him stronger and Trantil religiously did them daily. He started reaping the rewards as he became quite buff and skilled in using the great sword. Rather than fight in the arena Trantil followed in his father’s footsteps once again by becoming a mercenary. He needed experience in the field before he could tackle his ultimate goal. Also, he needed to find out more of the curse and the pirate captain whoever that was.


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