The Sea Wyvern

The Sea Wyvern was recovered by the adventurers after discovering it moored just off Kraken Cove. The ship was overrun with pirates turned savage by the magic of a strange black pearl they discovered shattered at the bottom of the bay. After killing these insane creatures the ship was claimed as a prize and used by Lavinia Vanderboren in her expedition to Farshore.

The exploits of the ships expedition to Farshore are covered in journal entries.

Sea Wyvern’s Wake Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and The Wreck of the Sea Wyvern

Crew List

Amella Venkalie Captain Human (f)
Trantil Draven 1st Mate Human (m) PC
Tamzana Alteresine Navigator Human (f) PC
Father Feres Ship’s Surgeon Human (m) Killed by Slaad egg
Valdis Aldranna Sailor Human (m) PC
Dalrin Sailor Human (m) PC
Lirith Veldirose Sailor Human (f)
Skald Sailor Elven (m) killed by T-Rex
Rothpol Sailor / smithy Dwarven (m) crushed by mast
Thann Nast Sailor / Farmer Human (m)
Elora Rainthir Sailor / carpenter Elven (f) missing presumed drowned
Tupil Nast Sailor / Farmer Human (m) Eaten by Mashers
Nurbir Hargirn Cook Halfling (m) killed by Gargoyles
Tavey Nesk Cabin Boy Human (m)
Shallasar Otellemi Sailor Aquatic elf (m) PC

Passenger List

Avner Meravanchi Expedition financier Human (m)
Bandaby Chisk manservant Human (m) drowned
Quenge Asper manservant Human (m) missing presumed drowned
Urol Forol Explorer Gnome (m)
Silas Fiddlebitter Master potter Halfling (m)
Hesse Tanner “Seamstress” Human (f)
Lowarna Entertainer Half-elven (f)
Tristy Sommers Exotic Dancer Human (f)
Kyra Hraalnis Hunter/Trapper Shifter (f) PC
Halfast Woodman Carpenter Human (m) Murdered by demons
Melantha Woodman Weaver Human (f)
Anson Woodman Apprentice Carpenter Human (m)
Meria Woodman Infant Human (f)
Darthic Barhak Mining Engineer Dwarf (m)
Yurgur Barhak Stonemason Dwarf (m)
Elrohir Anwamanë Jeweller / silversmith Elf (m) drowned

The Sea Wyvern

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