Shallasar was born some 90 years ago to a nomadic tribe of sea elves. Never settling down in any one place, they constantly travelled throughout the great seas seeking new experiences and new sights. This meant for the young Shallasar that he never really felt at home anywhere, and as many of the other members of the tribe avoided having families while on the move, never had friends of his own age. His parents Nathalanor and Yasharasa, were kind but due to the constant migration of the tribe were often at the mercy of the elders as to decisions of what to do with respect to how Shallasar should become a fully fledged members of the tribe.

There were, of course, great advantages to travelling widely as well. Shallasar has seen many strange and wondrous sites and natural phenomena, giving rise to an interest in the natural world that stayed with him even after his training in arms and agility. During the migrations of the tribe, he adopted a very strict regimen of training in finesse and athletics, after all it’s hard to learn more academic subjects when following the currents and hunting for new fishing grounds. Due to a great natural talent, training and the sea elven predilection towards agility, Shallasar has become extremely adept at all things athletic, both below and above water.

When he came of age, due to his natural abilities, he was put in charge of finding resources for the tribe—food of course, but also sunken treasures to be traded to their above-water kin and interesting locations for exploring or camping. Not avoiding the net and trident, Shallasar has taken a shine to fighting with two short swords. The main a magical weapon he discovered in a wreck soon after being place in charge of scouting such locations. With various inhabitants of such wrecks unwilling to give up their treasure without a fight, he has also trained hard to keep his strength up in order to defend himself from these would-be defenders of their sunken homes.

Being quite solitary in nature – both from his upbringing and his position within the tribe – he has learnt several tricks of deception, stealth and intrigue. Avoiding traps, locked sea chests, grappling tentacles of octopi and worse creatures, has all become reasonably second nature to him.

More recently he has become bored of having to travel under the direction of the tribe elders and instead would prefer to strike out on his own, confident of his skills to see him through without the support of the tribe. As they were passing close to the human settled lands of Sasserine, the tribe was attacked by what appeared to be a mutant giant shark, which devoured many elves before Shallasar was able to dispatch it. He use this as the excuse to seek out what could have caused such an abomination to come to the waters, and ensure that whoever had created it was brought to natural justice.


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