Nurbir Hargirn

They say a decent cook, can keep a ship at sea for an extra month, by keeping moral up and stretching the supplies out. Nurbir is that sort of cook, while people have complained about the cramped conditions, the stormy seas, and the heat no one has complained about the food, well no one except Avner Meravanchi but he complains about everything. If Nurbir has one fault it is a tendency to indulge too much in his own creations as such, he is rather portly for a halfling.

It was a team effort to save the cook from the wreck of the Sea Wyvern after he was washed overboard when it struck the reef. Shallasar Otellemi managed to drag him part way to shore before the first of the mashers appeared, then together with Trantil, and Valdis saved him when the second looked in danger of eating him.

Having cooked up an omelette of nearly a dozen terror bird eggs, which might have fetched 500 gold crowns each back in Sasserine, Nurbir was on a bit of a high, claiming he would be the most famous chef in all of Sasserine when he returned.

Unfortunately while the group were travelling the coastal road to Farshore they were attacked by Gargoyles. The little cook was singled out and sent tumbling off the eighty foot cliff to be smashed on the rocks below.

While the adventures recovered his body and took time to make a small cairn for him, his grave was desecrated the following night and his body was tied inverted to a X shaped cross on the road ahead. They then gave him a second sea burial.

Nurbir Hargirn

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