Bandaby Chisk and Quenge Asper are Avner’s long suffering menservants, how they put up with the man is not clear. Quenge certainly complains to whoever will listen about his master once out of earshot. Bandaby on the other hand appears devoted to his master and won’t hear a bad word said against him1, although he is too honourable to mention Quenge’s complaints to Avner and land his friend in trouble.

The expedition has been the straw (more the boulder) that broke the camels back for Quenge who intends to part company with Avner as soon as they reach Farshore.

Both Bandaby and Quenge were washed overboard when the Sea Wyvern hit the reef while Bandaby’s body was washed ashore, Quenge’s body was never recovered.

1 Think Smithers from The Simpsons.


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