Farshore improvements

After settling in and recovering from her long voyage to Farshore, Lavinia Vanderboren first task was to tour the colony and take stock of places where the colony could use some improvement. She happily shares her observations with you and welcomes any aid they might provide.

Defensive Improvements
Farshore needs certain improvements in defending itself from enemies.
Farshore Chapel: Vesserin’s a bit overwhelmed; he can certainly use priestly aid at the Farshore Chapel.
Harbor: The harbor’s approach could use some more defenses, perhaps some submerged traps to slow the advance of enemy ships?
The Infirmary: An experienced healer could probably increase the infirmary’s efficiency with a week of work.
Palisade: The wall surrounding Farshore could certainly be improved by a skilled engineer.
Watchtowers: The colony could use two more watchtowers – one to watch to the northeast and one to watch the harbour.

Efficiency Improvements
Places where the colony could improve its value as a trading post.
Aldwattle’s Lab: Aldwattle could use some help with his organizational skills – someone who knows magic and can craft items could teach him a lot.
Farshore Cemetery: If someone could cast a hallow spell over the Farshore cemetery, local worries about undead could be defused.
The Clayworks: An experienced potter could certainly help get the clayworks working more efficiently.
Farshore Farms: An experienced farmer could do wonders in improving how the colony’s farms function.
Farshore Mines: The mines south of Farshore could do with some oversight by an experienced miner.
Sellis Woodworks and Smithy: Anyone who knows something about armoursmithing, weaponsmithing, or carpentry should go talk to Dranys Sellis about his methods. He’s a bit of a know-it-all, but he could certainly use some advice.
Trade Routes: Someone needs to organise a return to Sasserine as soon as possible. Load a convoy of cargo ships up with trade goods, sail them back to Sasserine, share sea charts, then return with supplies and more merchants. It’s a six-month proposition, but an important one. Lavinia doesn’t want to leave Farshore so soon, but perhaps someone the PCs know would make a good captain.

Hazardous Work
More dangerous missions best suited for adventurers.
Lost Village: Jeran Emrikad wants to hire some adventurers to look for a lost village in the wilds of Temute.
The Tannery: The hides of many of the Isle of Dread’s monsters could make valuable additions to the work here.
Troglodytes: A band of troglodytes has been causing trouble; they live in a swamp near the centre of Temute. If they can be dealt with, the colonists will be able to reach some prime lumber and exotic fruits.
Farshore Warehouses: Someone’s been stealing from the warehouses – the thefts need to be stopped soon!

The Infamous Seven
Bringing the heads of these powerful creatures to Farshore would secure great honour and respect from the nearby Olman tribes. Killing more than one of these powerful beast would secure your names as legends.

Farshore improvements

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