Farshore flyer

Farshore needs you!

Be it known that Mistress Vanderboren is to undertake an expedition to the colony of Farshore, in the Pearl Sea. The recently established colony of Farshore is looking to expand and needs settlers. Skilled craftsmen, farmers, labours, hunters, fishermen, anyone willing to do an honest days work can make a new life in Farshore.

Two ships will be making up the expedition to Farshore, The Blue Nixie and The Sea Wyvern. Miss Vanderboren is looking to hire experienced and able-bodied crew for both vessels and for settlers able to pay passage. Each adult settler, paying passage, on this trip is entitled to build a homestead and will be granted land rights to a plot of land eight acres in size. Fees for passage can be waved if the applicant has skills that would be particularly useful in the expansion of Farshore, or reduced if no land rights are desired. Those working passage will be paid with similar land rights.

Applicants for crew positions should make themselves known to Aughm Wells, Captain of The Blue Nixie, at the tavern Fifteen Horse and a Mule, on the corner of Star Street and Red Skink Lane.

Settlers wishing to book passage should make themselves known to Mistress Vanderboren’s housekeeper who will arrange an interview.

Farshore flyer

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