Campaign Calander

III Coldeven – Spring

10th – Meeting with Lavinia Vanderboren and recapture of the Blue Nixie
12th – Visit Vanderboren vault, discover Vanthus Vanderboren theft, recover journal.
13th to 16th – Search for Vanthus.
17th – Vanthus traps party on Parrot Island.
24th – Raid on Lotus Dragons Hideout.
26th – Return to hideout to discover the rest of the gang has fled.
28th – Sail to Kraken Cove.


1st – Capture the Sea Wyvern
2nd – Raid pirate caves in Kraken Cove. Jhan Nagaarian killed by savage shark.
3rd – Rescue Lavinia from Bullywugs at her home.
6th – Explore Alteresine summerhouse.

IV Planting – Spring/Low Summer

1st – Set sail on expedition to Farshore.
6th – Water Mephit causes trouble onboard.
13th – Arrive at Fort Blackwell.
19th – Blue Slaad burst from Father Feres stomach.
20th – Rowyn Kellani discovered stowed away on board and killed.
28th – Take on water at mouth of Havekila River.

V Flocktime Spring/Low Summer

1st – Flotsam Ooze attack.
4th – Wing of Wyvern’s follow ship.
10th – Suspected spotting of a Kraken.
15th – Urol Forol and adventurers visit the ruins of Tamoachan.
23rd – Attacked by Pirates on the Purity’s Prow.

VI Wealsun Low Summer/Summer

8th – Fort Greenrock: Attacked by Treant druid and lizardfolk.
14th – Renkrue: Take on water and supplies.
18th – Cross The Pearl Current, encounter Wreck of Trantil’s Turn
24th – Sail past Ruja last land before the Isle of Dread
28th – Storm hits contact lost with The Blue Nixie.


1st – Become trapped in Journey’s End.
3rd – Kill the Mother of All and escape Journey’s End.

VII Reaping High Summer/Summer

5th – Isle of Dread sighted, storm hits.
6th – Ship grounds on reef. Crew swim to shore.
7th – Thunder lizard attack beach camp, crew head inland. 8th – Crew make camp in Olman ruins, meet Lithira.
9th – Travel through Dark Mountain Pass to Coastal Road.
10th – Nurbir Hargirn killed by Gargoyles.
12th – Gargoyle king defeated.
13th – Inland path to edge of the Fogmire (Kidnapped!)
15th – Find the Ruins in Fogmire
16th – Explore the caves – Rescue Tristy Sommers
19th – Arrive at the Great Wall welcomed to Tanaroa
20th – Walk overland to Mora, leave most survivors there.
21st – Travel to Farshore by canoe and find it in flames.
22nd – Begin work on palisade, dock defences and watchtowers.
26th – Troglodyte raid on farmstead, troglodytes tracked back to their lair and defeated

VIII Goodmonth High Summer/Summer

3rd – Lost village of the Kawibusas discovered
6th – Work on improving palisade completed.
8th – Adventures visit Mora looking for support, but are turned away.
11th – The idol of Zotzilaha, an Olman bat god, is returned to his shrine.
12th – Adventures defeat Temauhti-Tecuani.

Campaign Calander

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