Alteresine Family History

The Alteresines are a family of ship owners and traders who are mainly involved in the import of luxury items from the north1. In truth, the Alteresine bloodline actually died out several generations ago. Centuries ago, Tamsin Stormweaver, aka Tamsin the Sea Witch, the Pirate Queen of the Storms, used her magic to beguile the sole heir of the family bloodline. She of course used an assumed name and identity during the courtship and even maintained this double life after they were married. Soon after they were married, she had a child; unbeknown to Albert Alteresine the child was not actually his, and he in fact died childless. Who the father of that child was remains a mystery, and no one living suspects he wasn’t Albert’s.

Tamsin Stormweaver’s history is plagued with rumour, half-truths and legends. It is known she was a notorious pirate and practitioner of the darkest forms of magic. Also that at one time she claimed to be the queen of some tribal civilization. She sailed throughout the Azure Sea but was particularly active in the Jeklea Bay area. No one living knows that for the latter part of her reign of terror she lived a double life as Lady Alteresine, using it to disguise her sudden wealth and allowing her to enjoy some of the money she had acquired through piracy.

Lady Alteresine spent just over twenty years with Albert then she disappeared. The family history says she was lost at sea when leading a trading expedition to southern waters, but there are various rumours that she grew bored of Albert and took off with a young captain. The pirate raids of Tamsin Stormweaver ended at this time too, although no one has yet put two and two together.

1 And this is what most characters will know. It is only with the discoveries at the summerhouse are the Alteresine connections with demonic forces coming to light…..most of these details were revealed in Voldrick’s log and thus only Tamzana and Dalrin, if he was able to read ahead, will know the gritty details as the log was whipped out of Dalrin’s hands just before the really juicy bits….Tamzana gave her word that they were personal secrets and in no way effected the group or it’s goals…...

Alteresine Family History

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