Cleric: 5, Stormlord: 4

Domains: Storm + Travel

STR: 16 (18)
DEX: 16
CON: 14
INT: 11
WIS: 16 (18)
CHA: 8

AC: 20

HP: 75

Fort: +11
Ref: + 5
Wil: +10

Feats: Child of the Shadow, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Weapon Focus: Long Spear, Domain Spontinaity, Short Haft

Special Abilities: Resist Electricity: 15,
Freedom of Movement: 1 rnd/Cleric lvl,
Enhanced Javelin +1,
Shock Weapon,
Storm Walk,

Skills: Concentration +14,
Heal +15,
Know: Religion +12,
Prof: Sailor +8,
Sense Motive +8,
Swim +9

Magic Items: Gauntlets of Ogre Power,
Prayer Beads (1/day: Bless, CSW, Remove Blindness, Remove Disease),
Tiger Ban x 3 (Neutralise Poison),
Mithril Breastplate 1,
Wand of Vigour (14 charges),
Mariners Spear (
2 Cold Iron),
Ring +1,
Pearl of Power Lvl 3,
Amulet of wisdom + 2


Dalrin was an orphan who, at the age of 7, ran away from the orphanage and stowed away on a ship. The kindly 1st mate took him under his wing and brought him up on board until the age of 12 at which time the ship he was on was subject to an attack by pirates of the Crimson Fleet. Dalrin was captured and most of the crew was killed (along with his benefactor). Dalrin spent the next 3 months being forced to work on the pirate ship. Everyday he prayed for some kind of retribution to befall his captors. One day a tempest erupted and caught the ship in its wake. The ship was destroyed but yet again Dalrin survived and ended up washing up near Sasserine.

He staggered into the city in the Champions district but due to his dishevelled appearance he was quickly ushered by the watch into the Shadowshore district. Here he lived on the street for a month until he was caught stealing an apple by Hesse Tanner (a ‘tart with a heart’) who took him in. For the past 8 years, before leaving Sasserine, he’s been living above the Last Ditch Lovers, a brothel at the east end of Rubble Street.

Every Godsday he was dressed up and taken to the cathedral where he listened to the teachings from the Azure clerics. Dalrin believed that it must have been these gods that answered his prayers and so he set about learning as much about them as he could (even going so far as to running off with a copy of the Azure doctrines). Never having been formally trained, his faith and readings have brought him to a place where the gods have embraced him as one of their own, even if the other clerics don’t know it and, even if they did, wouldn’t admit to it.

Dalrin has taken an extreme dislike to Avner and has failed to hide this to any and all. The journey across the Isle of Dread has only heightened this feeling.


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