The Crimson Fleet

Little is know but much is speculated about the notorious Crimson Fleet, the well-organised armada of pirate ships that roams the southern seas. In your time in Sasserine you have heard many rumours about these ocean-going bandits.

The Crimson Fleet is a loosely organised band of pirates known to operate in the oceans surrounding the Amedio Jungle. These scoundrels perform all manner of high-seas brigandage, slavery and smuggling, operating from a foul harbour hidden somewhere among the pirate islands, to the east of the mainland. Crimson Fleet captains are renowned for their ruthless and cruelty, but some still hold to a perverse code of honour. While stories about the Fleet razing and pillaging settlements abound, the pirates give Sasserine a wide berth.

The Crimson Fleet get their name from their red flag. Traditionally pirates fly a red flag, if they intend to offer “no quarter”, the few that have seen it and lived describe it as a horned skull over crossed swords.


  • Captains of the Crimson Fleet are all addicted to a drug that turns their eyes permanently red with blood.
  • Their eyes are red because they are half-fiends, having made a pact with a demon lord in return for their position.
  • The threat of the Crimson Fleet is the only thing keeping the Scarlet Brotherhood from overrunning Sasserine.
  • The Crimson Fleet are in fact in league with the Scarlet Brotherhood. Think about it Scarlet, Crimson same thing really.
  • The leader of the Fleet is known only as “The Admiral”, and wears a blood-red mask over half his face at all times to conceal his shocking identity.
  • The sailors in the Crimson Fleet are all cannibals, loosed upon the seas to sow torment and pain.
  • The pirates of the Crimson Fleet are cabalists and have sold their souls to demons.
  • The Crimson Fleet appears much larger than it really is because it hires other pirate captains as mercenaries to do it’s dirty work. Only true Crimson Fleet ships fly the red flag.
  • The Crimson Fleet has demonic forces and undead armies at its command.
  • The Fleet has eyes and ears everywhere, and communicates through seemingly innocuous signs and signals. Those who speak ill of it without care are likely to meet with accidents.
  • The Fleet has a hundred ships, the largest of which is a mobile island drawn by enslaved dragon turtles.

What you know

  • Harliss Javell did not have red eyes, but she was a mercenary in the employ of the Crimson Fleet not an actual member.
  • Lefty’s ship the Hellfish also didn’t fly a red flag, and weren’t members of the Crimson Fleet, but his captain, Slipknot Pete, was considering joining.
  • The Crimson Fleet is coming to Farshore but has “other business” in the Isle of Dread.

The Crimson Fleet

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