Tristy Sommers

Exotic Dancer


Tristy use to work in Hesse Tanner’s brothel as both a working girl and an extoic. She was good friends with Dalrin, Hesse’s adopted son, who is a couple of years her junior, they grew up together in the bawdyhouse, and were almost like brother and sister, although this relationship changed as Dalrin came of age.

On the long voyage to Farshore her relationship with Dalrin changed from a purely platonic one, but was dealt a bitter blow when Rowyn Kellani used magic to disguise herself as Tristy and nearly lead Dalrin to his death.

She is good friends with Lowarna also an ex-working girl and musician, who would play music while she danced.

While in the Fogmire Tristy was kidnapped by a Bar-lgura demon, she suffered at his hands for three days until she was rescued by her sweetheart Dalrin and his adventuring companions.

Tristy Sommers

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