Savage Tide

Tides of Dread (part 2)

Preparation for the Assault.

My apologies in advance if this (and the next) log lacks detail it has been a year between starting it and finishing it, between which I lost most of my notes. The group switched to another campaign right after finishing Tides of Dread, and now we are returning to the campaign so I’m getting the log back up-to-date.

With the Crimson Fleet expected at Farshore within two months, the townsfolk, lead by the council and advised by the Adventurers set about preparing for the defence of the colony. The two dwavrven Barhak Brothers oversaw structural improvements to the palisade, and the construction of two new watchtowers, built to cover the northern approach and the harbour. In the harbour itself a sunken barricade was formed to narrow the entrance.

Around town the adventures tried to adjust to ‘civilian’ life as best they could. Dalrin sanctified the graveyard and took up pastoral duties in the chapel, the blessings of the Sea Gods he brought lifted the spirits of island colony. Valdis used her charms to find additional recruits for the militia, a surprising number of young men wanted to prove their bravery to the young warmage. Once they had signed up however they tended only to see Trantil, Ulvar and Tolin who regularly drilled them in weapons and tactics. Tamzana aided in Professor Aldwattle’s Laboratory for a time before she found the old man’s constant sexual innuendoes too distracting. Shallasar Otellemi and “Two Feathers” had the most trouble settling back into an urban lifestyle and instead explored the coastline scouting out other beaches the assault force might land on.

They adventurers were all in the town when the alarm bell was rung one afternoon, a group of Troglodytes were attacking the out-laying farmsteads, and the heroes rushed to the defence. “Two Feathers” managed to track the creatures back to their lair within the hillside and the heroes removed the threat to the colony.

In order to complete the reinforcement of the palisades, tar needed to be collected from the pits outside the Great Wall on the mainland. On the mainland they met with the Olman villagers in Tanora, they were in the middle of a ceremony to appease one of their deities, Zotzilaha, a bat-demon that dwelt in a volcano to the south-west of Isle of Dread. From a burning pyre several fire bats arose and attacked those involved in the ceremony, the heroes came to the aid of the Olman. The god was angry because an item had been stolen from his temple, an item it sensed had returned to the island. The villagers described a golden bat idol, which seemed to match the one the adventurers had discovered in the lost city of Tamoachan1.

The heroes explained the threat of the Crimson Fleet planning to attack Farshore, but the Olman were unable to help as they had problems of their own. Zotzilaha was causing tremors and showing other signs of his displeasure. The heroes offer to appease the deity if the Olman would aid them in their fight.

Heading up to the volcano they past through hot sulphurous tunnels until they entered a chamber deep in mountain that had an opening over the magma core. There they discovered a fearsome bat-winged humanoid creature, which while angry at first was satisfied by the heroes explanation that they had discovered and were intent on return his idol.

Zotzilaha rewarded them with gifts, from his sizeable collection of offerings, among which they discovered a strange tooth, which was clearly magical in nature. The creature did not know where it had come and allowed the humans to keep the curiosity.

With the volcano god appeased the Tanaroans were willing to assist in the defense of Farshore, and would do what they could to persuade the other tribes to help. The Olman also warned the heroes that the tar pits had become the hunting grounds of a massive thunder-lizard, known as Temauhti-tecuani. This grizzled tyrannosaurus was a veteran of many battles missing an eye and one his fore-claws, he had made the area inaccessible for weeks.

The heroes had just faced down a god and no mere lizard was going to keep them from their goal. They marched out to the tar pits the very next morning, not long after arriving at the site they heard the enraged roar of the cantankerous beast, together with the high-pitched shrieks of terror and pain from several other creatures. Running to join battle they saw the T-Rex attack a group of diminutive creatures that resembled some sort of flying squirrel or primate.

The heroes came to the aid of the small creatures and in a dramatic battle killed one of the seven legendary monsters of the Isle of Dread2. The small creatures introduced themselves as phanatons, thanking the adventures for their help, and insisted they come to their tree-top village to celebrate their victory. At the feast the phanatons learned of the Crimson Fleet’s intentions, they suggested that the heroes explore a ruin in the jungle near their tree top village. The Temple of the Jaguar, use to belong to a race of warlike “cat people” but they were long dead, but the phanatons said they were skilled at crafting weapons and some may remain.

In the Temple of the Jaguar the heroes encountered a winged-serpent this mythical creature was a couatl, an outsider that had been guarding a weapon stash to ensure it didn’t fall into evil hands. It was much relieved when the heroes took the weapons to use to fight evil once more, and gave then three of it’s brightly coloured feathers that they could use to call him if they were in need.

With the defenses improved and allies found for the the battle ahead all that was left was to wait for the Crimson sails to appear on the horizon, and assault on Farshore to begin.

1 See adventure log entry The Sea Wyvern’s Wake Pt 2

2 The heroes would later parade the head of the beast around other Olman villagers to demonstrate they were warriors worth following into battle winning the support of the other Olman tribes.



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