Savage Tide

Tides of Dread (part 1)

Farshore in Flames!

As the adventurers outrigger-canoe rounded the rocky cliffs that sheltered Farshore’s harbour they saw the colony was in flames. In the harbour moored alongside the Blue Nixie was a battered looking dhow, with the figurehead of a large fiendish looking anglerfish on the prow. It flew a black flag with a skeleton dancing on the noose with an hourglass over one shoulder and a blood red heart over the other. Farshore was under attack by pirates!

From within the outpost came the screams of settlers through the smoke-filled air, on the beach cackling, howling men dressed in filthy armour and waving rusty weapons were pressing the attack against Farshore’s disorganised defence.

Shallasar swam at full speed to the Hellfish. As he climbed the anchor chain “Two-Feathers” let fly with two deadly accurate shots from the rocking canoe, killing the guard on watch and allowing the sea-elf to climb onto the deck unopposed. Once on deck however he discovered there were several pirates intent on loading up with booty already stolen from the town, seeing they intruder they turned on him.

Valdis summoned a wind that caught the small sail of the outrigger-canoe and carried it quickly to shore, once in the town she used her magic to suppress the flames on a burning building allowing “Two-Feathers” to rescue a woman trapped inside1.

Lefty by Ben Wootten

Dalrin, Trantil and Tamzana moved further into the town cutting down pirates who were intend on murder, rape and pillaging, until they faced the pirate Captain Slipknot Pete and several of his cronies just beyond the chapel. He put up a brave fight but even with his companion he was no match for the adventurers, and when he fell the last surviving pirate threw down his sword and begged for mercy.

Trantil held his blade his blade to his throat while Valdis explained his options, soon the pirate was singing like a canary. His name was Lefty, he claimed he wasn’t originally a pirate but one of the crew of the Angry Goat. His ship had mutinied and he’d be forced to go along, but his ship had run aground on the rocks of Scorpion Island. Slipknot Pete had found the survivors and forced them to have knife fights for his entertainment Lefty was the final winner.

He explains Slipknot had been in contact with the Crimson Fleet and they’d promised the Rat’s End pirates a place in their fleet if they would scout out Farshore, but Slipknot had decided to raid Farshore take what they could and leave before the Crimson Fleet arrived. The Crimson Fleet was due at the Isle of Dread in a couple of months “on other business2”, and intended to raise Farshore to the ground then.

This meant that the adventurers had only a couple of months to prepare Farshore to repel an attack by a much stronger aggressor. In it’s current state there was no hope of Farshore standing up against a serious assault.

1 One of the concerns about the Warmage is his limited availability of utility spells, in this encounter however, Valdis hardly used his magic in anger. Instead he used spells like Gust of Wind to aid the speed of the canoe, Pyrotechnics and Sleet Storm to put out fires. It was great to see Valdis doing something other than blast my monsters to dust.

2 Unfortunately he had no idea what other business they had on the Isle of Dread.



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