Savage Tide

Meet the Olmans

Through the Great Wall

After defeating Olangru and purging the Shrine of the Demogorgon, the continued south and within a few days had reached the Great Wall. There they met with several Olman tribesmen lead by Huemac, Master of the Hunt, from the village of Tanaroa. Huemac, only spoke Olman, but a young woman who was with him clearly understood, the common trade tongue, used in Amedio region. She later introduced herself as Tayanna daughter of the matriarch.

In the village there was a celebration to give thanks for surviving the trails the shipwrecked survivors faced and the defeat of the ape demons. The Olman have strange customs, they see no evil in animating their dead, and in fact the Zombie Master is an honoured position within Olman tribes. The survivors were put a little on edge seeing zombies working in the fields, but as the villagers seemed not to be concerned they didn’t question them.

Later that night Shallasar took it upon himself to investigate the village of Tanaroa, climbing up to the top of the pyramid in the centre of the village, which they had been told, was the gateway to the underworld. While he could not locate the mysterious Zombie Master he did find a secret door beneath a large drum at the top of the pyramid but being magically warded, and not wanting to upset the locals he decided not to investigate further.

Valdis was approached by Opochtli, a sorcerer, who was impressed with tales of her battle magic in the stories told during the celebration. He seemed keen that she consider him as husband material, Valdis seemed flattered, but wasn’t really ready for marriage.

The following day, Huemac, Tayanna and Opochtli together with a group of hunters, escorted the survivors across the peninsula to the village of Mora from where the following morning the adventurers took outrigger canoes across the straight to Farshore. They intended to return immediately with the Blue Nixie to fetch the remainder of the crew and passengers, but when they got to Farshore they found more pressing matters.



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