Savage Tide

Here There Be Monsters (part 1)

The Return of the Rhagodessa

With the survivors all on the beach (among them Avner’s horse, Thunderstrike who had somehow made it to shore), the adventurers turned their attention to recovering goods from the ship and along the beach, focusing mainly on food.

Dalrin pointed out that with a blessing from the sea-gods even the normally poisonous masher meat could be made edible, if not particularly palatable, and so one of them was dragged ashore to be hacked up to provide food for that evenings meal. They cut the sails to make a makeshift shelter and started fires to dry their clothes. Urol presented a map he drew of the Isle of Dread, showing where he suspected the ship had struck the reef and a proposed route to get them to The Great Wall, following an ancient Olman costal road, he thought it should only take about 10 days walking.

Later that evening Urol approached Shallasar while watch, and explained to him the properties of Bladderweed, with his skill in alchemy and a supply of this kelp, he believed he could help Shallasar survive an extended period out of water.

The storm started to settle down just after midnight, Shallasar had begun searching the rock pools for seaweed, while Skald was on watch with “Two Feathers” and Trantil. About halfway into the watch a huge thunder lizard with powerful jaws, charged into the camp, biting Skald clean in two, and swallowing his upper torso. The first night on the Isle of Dread and it already had claimed another victim.

“Two Feathers” drew her bow and raced along the beach looking to get a shot into the creatures flanks, while Trantil stepped forward to shield the campsite.

Art by Rich Bonk

The others were waking now and panic quickly spread through the campsite, made all the worse when the T-Rex’s jaws clamped round the brave warrior, lifting him off the ground. Shallasar burst from the water and stormed across the beach to try and aid his friend. With all six of the adventures engaged in combat the a giant lizard could not last long, and tried to flee with it’s prey still in it’s jaws, but before it could get far it was cut down by a combination of steel and magic, Trantil was saved.

Certain the smell of the masher carcase was attracting predators the survivors decided to follow Urol’s plan and head inland the following morning before any more scavengers showed up.

The new dawn brought home the stark reality of their situation, the Sea Wyvern was a broken wreck, it would be unable to clear the reef without the aid of another ship, and needed extensive repairs even then. They had salvaged a limited number of supplies, but Urol Forol assured them that food was plentiful on the island, his assurance was somewhat tempered by the fact he demonstrated his point by eating a soft-shelled crab, and promptly threw-up.

While the gnome assured them that the coastal road would be safe from the dinosaurs of the mainland, the first leg of the journey was through dense jungle. Luckily the going wasn’t too hard as their were wide game trails forged by the gigantic lizards, unfortunately these trails were also used by predators looking for prey.

The adventurers had decided that if trouble should occur the non-combatants should retreat down the trail, guarded by the surviving crew while they faced whatever danger was confronting them. They were barely an hour inland when they needed to put this plan into action. Shallasar, and “Two Feathers” were scouting in advance of the party spotted a pair of rhagodessa. They did not realise that the other adventures had fought a creature just like these when it broke free of its cage on the Blue Nixie all those months ago. Behind them were two much larger rhagodessa and it then became clear that the smaller ones were only the young. One of the larger spider-like creatures had a faintly glowing sword lodged between two of its chitinous plates1.

“Two Feathers” began the defence with a well aimed arrow into one of the adults and the passengers out of harms way Valdis was free to unleash one of her more effective spells and a rain of icy debris hailed upon the insects, after this initial damage they adventures made swift work of the survivors. A fifth adult was stalking above in the canopy and fell on Shallasar attacking with it’s grasping claws and ferocious bite, Trantil leaped through the forest to his aid and the creature was also put to the sword.

1 Perhaps a group of exotic animal smugglers similar to the ones discovered on the Blue Nixie were less successful at catching these creatures.



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